Former Worker Assessments

Two Retired Workers


All retired and former Queensland coal mine, mineral mine and quarry workers (former workers) are eligible for a free respiratory health assessment every 5 years, consisting of a respiratory function examination, a chest X-ray and a physical examination to monitor for the development of mine dust lung disease.

Unfortunately, mine dust lung diseases can develop many years after workers retire/exit the workforce. It is important to identify and recognise all workers affected by dust so that they can be appropriately supported.

Many former workers may have very mild or no symptoms at all, and often blame slowly increasing shortness of breath on ageing. We encourage all former workers to participate as by identifying the prevalence and causes of mine dust lung diseases we can better protect future generations of workers.

If you are a former worker, you are eligible for a free health assessment if all of the following criteria apply:

✓ You were a coal mine, mineral mine or quarry worker for at least 3 years in total over your lifetime, with at least 6 months of work experience in Queensland.

✓ You have permanently stopped being a coal mine, mineral mine or quarry worker.

✓ It has been at least 5 years since your most recent assessment, unless a doctor has recommended a sooner assessment as outlined in your last health assessment record or medical certificate.

HOACHI is registered to complete former worker health assessments on our state-of-the-art HEART5 mobile clinic and will be launching our Former Worker Program in January 2022. Please register your interest so that we can plan to visit your community.


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For further information please visit Miners’ Health Matters.


How the retired and former worker assessment works